Werner Paddles Player Fiberglass Whitewater Kayak Paddle-BS-200cm

Werner Paddles Player Fiberglass Whitewater Kayak Paddle-BS-200cm

  • Premium Fiberglass laminate blades, mid-size playboating/freestyle design
  • Fiberglass laminate construction, slight dihedral, 48 x 20cm, 675 sq cm
  • Continuous weave 1-piece carbon shaft, Down turned blades
  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA, 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Average weight: Straight Shaft: 936 g (33 oz), Neutral Bent Shaft: 1070 g (37.75 oz)

Werner Player Fiberglass Kayak Paddle – The Werner Player kayak paddle is the most popular choice for serious play boaters who want to get after it! The mid-size kayak paddle blades fit the widest range of paddlers, offering a great combination of power and responsiveness. Down turned blades enter the water sooner for more initial power and won’t trip up on your boat. A slight dihedral minimizes flutter and allows for smooth maneuvering strokes. Constructed using the highest quality continuous w
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