Sculling & Rowing Gloves

Sculling & Rowing Gloves

  • Extremely lightweight, comfortable rowing gloves custom designed by rowers for rowers
  • Promotes positive grip where needed, even when wet
  • Maintains essential connection to the water
  • Approved for all national, international and Olympic competitions
  • Allows calluses to develop without ripping skin so you can focus on technique

These sculling gloves are lightweight, super comfortable, form-fitting sports gloves designed specifically for rowing. The snug fit and silicone pattern on the palms promotes a positive grip on the oar, even when wet. The open back and lower finger design allows for cooling air flow and freedom of movement. The polyester fabric stretches laterally for comfort but not longitudinally so there is no bunching or rolling. Athletes will still develop calluses but these gloves prevent the painful blist
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