Ken Whiting’s Rolling a Kayak – Whitewater DVD

Ken Whiting’s Rolling a Kayak – Whitewater DVD

World Champion kayaker and kayaking instructor Ken Whiting brings you clear and concise instruction on multiple rolling techniques in a whitewater kayak. This DVD is great for beginners and anyone looking to troubleshoot anything that may be preventing you from nailing your roll. Ken goes through kayak equipment and what will help or hinder your roll. A positioning and beginning technique review includes the hip snap, sculling, bracing andbuddy assisted T-roll. A majority of this DVD covers the two standard rolls that most instructors believe to be most beneficial, the C-to-C and Sweep Rolls. Advanced rolls are also covered such as the Hand roll, Back Deck roll and Dry Head roll for the more intermediate viewers. Running Time: 50 Min Release Date: 2008 Number of Disks: 1 Film Location: Various Studio: Heliconia Press

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