Jackson Kayak Karma Kayak – 2016

Jackson Kayak Karma Kayak – 2016

Jackson Kayak’s creek-crushing Karma Kayak is built for speed for a confidence inspiring feel. Jackson went into the design process of this boat with the idea that it could create a faster, more stable boat that could still land softly on big drops. Jackson achieved this through a carefully considered hull and rocker profile that allows the boat to shoot through pockets, pencil in on drops, and pop out of holes. The mostly flat hull allows for a quick and stable ride, but with a smooth rockered bow, the boat still pops up over any feature you point it at, allowing the boat to mob down stream with speed. Chines along the side of the hull allow the boat to really dig in and hold an edge while carving. In order to make the Karma feel less edgy and to keep water off the deck, Jackson raised the parting lines of this Kayak as high as possible, resulting in huge sidewalls that provide secondary stability when punching through especially rough stretches of water. The profile features a narrow bow with a wide stern. This allows the nose to dive on drops, resulting in a softer landing. With the wide stern at the rear, the boat still carries enough speed to pop out of the hole at the bottom with speed. The Karma comes whitewater ready with Jackson’s Uni-shock bulkhead, which allows the paddler to make quick foot adjustments while seated and also absorbs impact. Four stainless steel, plastic coated grab handles make handling the boat a cinch, and a low-profile drain plug allows for easy draining, without the added worry of breaking off the plug while in the water.

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Price: $ 839.30

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