Green Kayak Fishing Lights

Green Kayak Fishing Lights

  • Includes Two 16″ strips, 5′ additional wire, waterproof butt connectors
  • Lights are fully submersible with IP68 rating
  • Each strip comes with a 5′ wire lead of black power/ground wire allowing you to easily run and hide the wire.
  • Strips have super strong 3M adhesive tape for easy insall
  • Choose between 9v battery box or rocker switch for connection to existing battery

This kit includes two 16″ strips. Strips are encased in a silicone sleeve and have the highest waterproof rating of IP68. Each strip comes with a 5′ wire lead. Strips have a super strong adhesive on them for easy install. (In some cases additional adhesive may be required.) Choose between a 9v battery box or a rocker switch. If your kayak already has a battery then you can connect to that battery and use the rocker switch to turn the lights on and off. If your kayak does not have a battery the 9
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